Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 15, 2016

On the Edge~by Norman Wilson



On the Edge

Snuggled on water’s edge
Snuggled in colour of deep blue sea
Snuggling to the sandy cream shore
Where endings begin with you and me
The raindrops may fall tomorrow
Before the sun that will surely shine again
In the breath of our life there-after
With laughter and passionate flames
What is that you say my dearest heart
What is that, that your eyes reveal
In new fray of heart so tenderly sweet
From turmoil of tides that never meet
You say it is time for you and I to rise
With feathered wings, for we shall soar
High above our own fray of hearts
High above the edge in warmth of the seashore
An enclave of doves too will fly above
To pledge their sole allegiance to our tender hearted love
As the salt crusts upon the last fern tree
From a rippling tide that abides by the sea
So walk along with me my love, you say
Walk with me on the edging waters on the beach
With our feet in the tides and the creamy coloured sand
From the sounds of water splashing on our feet beneath
All rights reserved 07/10/16
Norman Francis

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