Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 15, 2016

Wind~by Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa




Wind has caressesed the River
Wind, by nature, a generous giver
Much more’s wanted by greedy River
Once more, Wind becomes a griever

Does the River, to Wind, truly listen
Seen the tears in Wind’s eye glisten
Sadness filled Wind’s heart stricken
Does the River, with comfort, hasten

Gone went the Wind from the sky
The River never understood why
Wind ignored the River without goodbye
For the River, to self, blindly did lie

River, on the Wind, placed the blame
Of River’s abusive way, no shame
Blinded by self praising frame
Innocence to one’s act did claim

Friendship to the abyss down flew
Wind own value and truth knew
Let credit be, where credit’s due
Bullies, of fairness, have not a clue

Symbiosis lead on by compassion
Purity of heart needs no instruction
Insensitivity coupled with ambition
Journey the path of evil’s foundation

Not alone, the Wind shall climb the mountain
Wind’s confidence as strength maintain
Cry but not let overcame by pain
Hide not your tears under the rain

strange … 😦 I tried tagging but I couldn’t go over 20. must be phone data

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