Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 16, 2016

A Champion loves being what it is.~by Sandra Regina Viana



A Champion loves being what it is.

A Champion loves being what it is.
A rose is a rose and all it produces is of the essence of rose.
I do not imagine an anguished orchid to produce oranges or orange because an unfortunate not appear peaches among the leaves.
You have made clear what their true essence? ”
What would really be winners, fulfilled and happy in this life?
What are our goals and achievements in this regard?
there is still much to be winners in life?
When finally we will be able to feel this sense of personal fulfillment?
What finally we arrived where all the winners in life arrived.
Simple questions with answers so complex in our so subjective interior.
Even amid all this, something is always natural and simple to solve: how winners or true champions can really be!
Forget those targets impossible to achieve!
Disregard that “flower” on the top of the tree, with that unattainable height to reach and grab with your hands!
He looked at yourself?
Really know all their talent and their potential?
Really know what you feel and want in your essence?
If you know these answers, hardly not feel a winner, whoever you are!
Within its natural and possible chances of winning will always be a winner in life.
Its unique and only way to be with your essence different from the others, can be used and maintained as your ally in life. It will be your own enemy not to be what both want, if you have a model and example of winning people away and very different from you.
If we are only “oranges”; because we want to be just an “apple” in life?
Even if you can turn into an ostentatious “apple” will lose its originality and true happiness.
Soon it wants to be a “pear” … an “Orchid” …
Without ever be a happy winner, with everything now has to be a winner.

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