Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 17, 2016

Daily missive breaks into the weekend Sunday the 17th of July.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive breaks into the weekend Sunday the 17th of July.

Do I fear
Thinking of you
Even though you are near.
I have listened
And heard
All you have said
But instead of using
Your words to release
The devil in me
I have held on to
Your voice
Embraced your image
As it appears
In constancy
Opposite me
Or so close I can
Taste the salt
Behind your ear
And feel the warmth
Of the skin
On the nape of your neck
So soft it dimples
Under the weight
Of my shadow
I could lean over
And kiss clean air
As you are never there
But in my head
I cherish you
And the magic
I feel when we speak.
My fear
Is in using it all up
Revealing every word
Until they stop.
I know the love
Will never go
But with every day passing
Will your whispers
Or disappear.
The laughter
I hear when we share
A funny thought
Grow fainter.
Am I stealing
A piece of your soul
To fill my own silence,
Do these words
As much as I own them
Break your confidence
Or is this a more gentle
Way to say I love you
Than hurting myself
As others do.
Slicing puckered skin
Tearing tired flesh
From screaming bones
And crushing
The broken hearts
Of the loved ones
Who, even now,
Still remain.

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