Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 17, 2016

TEARS OF “MAMA SALONE”~by Ezzidio Rahman Conteh




Oh my children!
Wickedness has taken over
Your heart
From love changeover
Unity falling apart

Oh my children!
You were once
The city of learning
Many years, bunce
But now yearning

Oh my children!
You are dividing me
Tribalism and nepotism
Disgrace, always me
Been barbarism

Oh my children!
Rebels you become
Your minds been insane
The Bush from
Bringing much pain

Oh my children!
With many atrocity
I suffer years of war
And animosity
I wish nevermore

Oh my children!
Re’echo, the painful voice
You were abusing
And rejoice
With bruising

Oh my children!
Ritualist, you have become
Killing of innocent live
Oh ! evil has overcome
As pain and sorrow s outlive

Oh my children!
Corruption, has become
The order of the day
As it overcome
Honesty and patriotism, astray

Oh my children!
You, stigmatizing your fellow
And turn them virus
The devil, you follow
Vanities been desirous

Oh my children!
You that lay your lives
In every ways, for me
For other to survive s
With you, peace and blessing be

Sign(by)-Ezzidio Rahman Conteh
(William Shakespeare)

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