Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 17, 2016

~Why Feminism?~by Anjali Kullu



~Why Feminism?~

They all point
how cruel we seem.
they all scream!
We aren’t suicide bombers
but crusaders for all being.
Are we?
Learn consent
before you preach.
My bod’s no object
to pleasure and sin.
In grave we howl;
In vain we bleed.
Violence never knew no mercy:
rape seem normal
when we girls play victim.
Martial or single
status plays no excuse,
sabotaged politically, socially
emotionally, mostly cruelly
and feminism you blame?
Women always questioned
be it home or work station
we are labeled
good for nothing..
Why feminism?
cause you walk free
for we exist.
Equality we all plead:
education, earning even nursing
is normal
for feminism prevail
in this sexist world.
If you sorry that a girl was hurt
or dead as she was
you are feminist.
If you worry when animal’s bleed
you are feminist.
If you wry when men are denied justice
then i bet
you’re surely feminist.
Feminism is once and for all
not just me or you
but all
want it or not
we all belong
as one:
That’s Feminism!!!


Inspired by an earlier post on similar theme something i feel about strongly

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