Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 19, 2016

Eye of the Funnel~by Norman Wilson



Eye of the Funnel

Her sighs came from eyes that cried real tears
For lies that flied from heart in misty breath
Married up to words hanging about, overhead
Hanging over the darkest day when she left

The storms of hell blew right through her soul
Blowing and swirling in a funnel spiralling in cold
Downwardly in folly from twenty-five years ago
With moist tears falling to earth in a winter’s snow

Into the eye of the funnel fell more teardrops
Where tears fell for years and would not stop
As she cried, she tried to change inside all along
The funnel that held all the world’s saddest songs

Age has slowly crept listlessly across her life
As she gave everything, she could give as his wife
While the lies flew in her face as she tried to hide the tears inside
Where the funnel became a tunnel filled with twenty-five years of lies

She strives to survive with new blooms to her wings
She has left the tunnel through the funnel to see what a new life brings
The saddest songs now have changed to songs of joy
As now, there is a real man in her life and not a childish boy

All rights reserved 07/14/16
Norman Francis

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