Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 25, 2016

Daily missive for Monday July the 25th.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Monday July the 25th.

Bring it to me
Carry it from the depths
Where it has lain
Hidden beneath a shroud
Of uncertainty,
Cast as it was far
From the fumble
Of reckless sorrow
When the hands
That gave me strength
Were turned against
My endeavours
And the stumble
Of a disjointed progress.
Every step dogged by
More than misfortune
A reckoning that blights
The dreams of innocents
And blackens the
Name of love,
As if in its keeping
We would be saved.
Nothing becomes truth
Because of need,
Faith is a liar
Spreading disease,
Hope is its carrier
And delivers its message
Before departing
In irreverent silence.
It took my heart
Buried it with yours,
Leaving an empty chest
The hollow filled with a
Deepening of dissent
The howl of anguish
A reminder of its beating,
The darkening an echo of distress.
Bring back hope
I need its certainty
To uncover redemption,
Disposed of in a flailing wildness
A reckless endeavour
To find you
When you were lost
And self-destruction
Was the closest
Thing I could ever find
To love.

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