Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 28, 2016

Gridlock~by Norman Wilson




Chills that intervene
Coursing down my spleen
In faint of distant voice
In fate of her choice

Cogged in wheels
Wheels turning in zeal
Heading faster to disaster
In a loveless ever-after

Neither to be with me
In the pastures of Aberdeen
To unclogging her wheels
For a heart no longer revealed

Studded in stars of night
Then fading in daylight
A cache of words disappear
To the chills of my fears

Alone and said in Aberdeen
That once held all my dreams
As a pawn I now ponder
Is there love out yonder

Tomorrow will be another day
As the light lifts the grey
From bleak of darken night
To unlock the gridlock in my life

All rights reserved 07/21/16
Norman Francis


  1. [ Smiles ] Your poetry is quite wonderful!

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