Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 28, 2016

in love we all meet~by Nutan Sarawagi



in love we all meet

Humanity is crying
children are dying
as the world bleeds
people are vying
fighting with each other against each other
in a life so short
in each other fought
for a little more of what

Where greed unsettles like a dust on the snow
In its white spoiling in greed as it glows
In the green of life envying the peace
in a world so white no black deeds
weeds which lie taken in by seeds
of wrath and hate in man to breed
So deep
Where people bleed to wipe their own blood
where hatred dies
in it to hold arms of defeat
where mothers sow their children
in the seeds of dust
to once again
grow in a earth soiled with hate and lust
in morgues which fill with tears trampled in dust
To the cries of life
Why do we kill is it a must
In an anger
to drive life to the ground
in the sounds of bugles
in war cries drowned

when will the day come when harmony will prevail
when life will be a gale
where love we will avail
where hate will go
in dusts of storms
where rain will blow away
in the storms
where rainbows
will streak
in colours so new
To colour the earth
in the colour of dew
To pick up lifes hues in sparkling streams
bubbling in brooks flowing in dreams

where everyone will rise
to bid hate adieu
where sun will shine in the rays of the dusk
where birds will chant a prayer of love
where heaven and earth will once again meet
where hell will beat a hasty retreat
where love will hale in hearts to only meet
to drive away the death
where life will once again meet

in that day I want to live
in that day to beat
To drown all the woes of the world
in its heaven to seat
a new God whom everyone loves
in his beat we beat
one world
one smile
one tear in which one drop falls
in which all tears meet

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