Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 28, 2016

within a talon of wind~by Elven Debi



within a talon of wind

within a talon of wind I will kiss you
upon a crow of light we shall sing,
and where is home, where is the blue meadow ?
tears, falling upwards, back into our eyes,
moonlight, racing along our skin,
sing to me again of the hollow beneath the rain,
the cut glass of our eyes shining
I touched your face and flowers petaled upon my hand
I kissed you and the clouds bowed, the sunlight fell
in a curved run, around our shawl shoulders

morning is near
the night has burned so slow

I always love to see you wake,
it gives the blue world order
for me, and warmth

I find you beautiful in this hour
have we really slept this long ?

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