Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 29, 2016

RAIN ALLURES~by Anita Sahoo




Drizzle ascends
to heavy pour
petrichore loses
it’s sweet flavour
a wet smell scatters
In atmosphere
making a soothing rhythm
alter to aloud
In oozing drops of rain
song of rain
pitter patter

Rain allures
in its friskiness
heart basks in frisson
mind gets caught in euphoria
dances to the tune of rain
a gush of romance
clusters in air
stealthily slips to soul
fervently makes free
desires to enkindle
thoughts to roam free mulishly
baring the barriers
Of all countenance
Copyright(C) Anita Sahoo


  1. I don’t get too much rain where I live (Phoenix), but if I did, I’d stand outside and enjoy love.

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