Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 29, 2016

Ten Green Bottles~by Karen King



Ten Green Bottles

Our lives are like ten green bottles.
We have one problem after another
As hopes and dreams plummet off the wall.
I hoped I would meet you one day,
But demands of family and life’s problems
Crush one plan after another,
Like ten green bottles standing on a wall,
Smashing forever into tiny pieces,
Scattering on the sidewalk,
In fragments forever.
I had plans for you and I,
But you would not open the cork
And celebrate the future,
Preferring to drown yourself
In beer and shadows.
But still we continued,
Living in the here and now,
Trying to brighten our days
And shine sunlight onto
The yellowing pages of our lives.
Am I to look forward to nothing?
For the way forward is tinged and dark.
All dreams crushed on the ground.
We have few bottles remaining.
When will the last ones fall?
How will they fall?
Will we ever be mended,
Like Humpty Dumpty?
Or will our physical bodies
Lie on the pavement forever?
While our souls sing together at last
In another world, in a more peaceful world?

Karen King Copyright 29/07/16

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