Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 30, 2016

#‎THE_SILKEN_THREAD‬~by Lopamudra Mishra




Silken thread is tying me ,
Chocking my throat,
Some hidden memories peeping to crawl,
I started hunting from my deep hole,
A flicker of essence ,made my day,
The hay of sunshine greeted to sway,
I never imagined you followed my way,
Trying to gather emission from past,
I recollected only some flash,
Two deep dark eyes following my route,
Though our eyes were never in fire,
I never knew your ardent desire,
I never noticed your curly hairs.,
Your perturbed stares,
Never my heart crushed for you,
Honestly I ignored your click near my door…..Though you were sincere,
I flew without noticing your pain,
You were waiting for me memory never regained,
The tides of time has played its prank,
You came as flicker to burn me for you,
The suffering soul is buzzing flute in my coir,
Eyes eager to see you,

The old thread bears catalyst blow,
I am unstable now after knowing your suffering role,
Ah! The silken thread is chocking my throat.

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