Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 30, 2016





Since long
We have not seen each other
We can not say
When our eyes
Last met each other
Our hearts throbbed
For each other
Our souls craved
For each other

Gone are those lovely days
Those beautiful nights
That aura of romance
Those naughty smiles
That enriching madness
And fulfilling life

I still remember that night
When you silently
Creeped into my life
Captivated and possessed
My whole being
And made me loose myself
In the ocean of
Your unending love
And matchless sacrifices

But time flew by
With change in time
Priorities of life changed
We became prisoners of
Our hopes and aspirations
Drudged hard and
Gave every drop of our blood
To give meaning and substance
To our dreams
Which were never our’s

Dreams have flowered
But they took us to an alien world
For we failed to identify
With the fruits of our drudgery
And the dreams of our dreams

Too much obsession with future
Never allowed us to live
In the the then present
But time has come
To look at life
The way it should have been

After a long battle
We are tired
And all alone
Let us realise the reality
That we are only made for each other
You are for me and
I am only for you
Nothing in between

Let me see once more
Those dainty cheeks and rosy lips
That bewitching smile under the veil
That graceful gait
And drooping eyes
Let them contaminate me
And enable me
To forget the world around
Copy right@smruti ranjan 4 .11.2015

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