Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 30, 2016

the night sweet wind~by Elven Debi



the night sweet wind

countered, by the night sweet wind he
in a forest lain down
by your side
the web ferns and drey sleepers
they lay West of your body
the morning and I, we lay east,
a small river falling
o’er crowded rocks,
I look to you ~ but you were one
or ten thoughts ahead of me,
you look to the sky
and talk of it’s movement
you talk of it’s warm shadow
so deep within your shoulders curved
and you name the birds as they took to their call
” we should run together ” I said
” what ? you mean like water ? a couple ?”
you said right back
” like a couple ” I said
” how long do you think we’d last ” you laughed
” 4 months is my record ” I kept your gaze
” two years is mine ” you said
” I would change ” you said
” if we live together, I would change,
you don’t know ”
the swift sound of a bird landing on the beach
the river suddenly slowing
the crowd of stones waiting
” would you do me the honor of being my girl ”
the river speed back to us
” yes ” you said ” it is nice to be asked ”
and,…(the writer cries )
it is your kind voice…
it is your kind voice countered
by the night sweet wind

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