Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 1, 2016

Knowing America through Poetry ~ NORTH DAKOTA ~ by rldubour

Monday!!!! off to visit our next great state (in alpha order) this week we travel to:


Knowing America through Poetry


The origin of the name Dakota is
Derived from a Sioux term meaning allies.
The motto~~ Liberty and union now and
Forever, one and inseparable,~~ still applies.

The official state song written by James W.
Foley is the~~ North Dakota Hymn.
This state referred to as~~ The Peace Garden State
Residents are North Dakotans another patronym.

In 1947 a bill was defeated in an attempt
To drop north from the state.
And in 1987 they passed a bill making
English the official language with no debate.

The state is the origin of The First U.S.
Volunteer Cavalry known as the Roughriders.
And the piles of rock on White Bluff is a
Monument dedicated to the sheepherders.

Des Mores State Historic Site memorialized the
Life and activities of Antoine de Vallombrosa.
And The Lewis and Clark expedition ran into
It’s first Grizzly Bear in North Dakota.

Miniwauken a Sioux word translated incorrectly
Creelsburg to Creel City then finally Devils Lake.
Sitting Bull Historic Burial Site is actually
A Hunkpap Sioux leader another big mistake.

The Dinosaur Museum in Dickinson has two
Complete Triceratops and Edmontosaurus.
And Petroglyphs are found on two granite
Rocks near Grenora all this found before us.

The Big Hidasta Village has better defined earth
Lodge depressions than any Native American site.
And the International Peace Garden has 2,300-acres
Of over 100,000 flowering plants much to ones delight.

Richardton is home to Abbey Church a
Romanesque structure with impressive interior.
And The Lone Tree Wildlife Management Area
Consists of 33,000 acres and nothing is inferior.

This marks the time of famous names
To be listed before we’re done.
Like Glass, Bodine, Purpur and L’Amour
Sitting Bull, Peggy Lee and Angie Dickinson.
Statehood, November 2, 1889 the 39th state.
The capital is Bismarck.


  1. I thought as Americans we were in agreement that we don’t ever talk about North Dakota except insomuch as it is relevant to understanding the movie ‘Fargo’

    Why are you trying to cause trouble? 😉

    • North Dakota is one of our great states and will be recognized as such

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