Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 2, 2016

Escape~by Hela Tekali




From the chains of life I escape
In your nest of love I sleep
dreams wrap my wings with fragrance
I smell the perfume of your ecstasy in my breast
Feel the river of your sacred water pouring
Like a fountain it comes to fertilize my womb
Transmuting my body into heaven’s righteous milk
My bare body glitters like a starry robe
The soft light from the Stars and Moon caress my barefoot
I am no longer a body but a soul under the spell of your heat
Love is a magic escape
A winged desire throbbing in the heart of ecstasy
Love is a flower stretching out its soft leaves
Webs of nectar the spider sweetly weaves
Leaving me in a trance of heavenly bliss.
jenayah hela
@Spiritual Poetry

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