Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 6, 2016

#‎OUTPOUR‬~by Lopamudra Mishra




I wonder for this outpour,
It shook me,
Adding colour to my shades of pink,
Awestuck I think what happened to me,
Why can’t I focus on any thing?
Why I started dreaming of roses and its dew,
Why the hot air in chill noon,
I find snow in the wooden rift,
The ladders of it covered by flower’s ring,
My eye lashes hardly blinks,
I feel as if I am sprouting again in green,
My steps dance with my pounding heart,
Hips swing ,hands cover my face’s coloured ringe,
I blush ,that my warm ear lops sings,
Lips silent ,yet couldn’t hide my crimson tale,
Twinkling eyes speaks of joyous heart,
With the encounter of click of spring,
Heels disobey me to stay in circle,
It measures the distance to reach the horizon,
I could guess this is the effect of outpour,
This is giving me bumps to fly with fairy wings,
Oh……dear …what’s happening to me,
Because of this outpour………….!!!

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