Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 6, 2016

In Drunken Youth~by Neil Perry


In Drunken Youth

Laying in the gutter
Looking at the sky,
Not a word can utter
As the clouds go by,

Dumbstruck, cold and helpless,
Smelling, feeling sick,
In a drowning mess,
Head spinning slow – then quick,

When someone from the bar
Who cant wait for the loo,
Decides that the dark gutter
Is just the place to go,

And then, he finds the corner
That I am laying in,
Then I’m caught in a shower,
And feel as sick as sin,

And yet I cannot speak,
I’m helpless as a child,
Feeling sick and weak
And pretty well defiled;

I came out for a good time
That lasted for awhile,
I thought it was a crime
To not get drunk in style,

But now I’m layin helpless
As legless as can be,
A bloke is doing up his flies
As all goes blurred and steamy.

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