Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 9, 2016

//ROSE ~by Lopamudra Mishra




I fear the thrones of rose bud,
Because it hurts,
The beauty though captivating,
I avoid the fluttering beeps from my desk,
I love the butterfly’s dance on my wall,
I am envy of their glittering wings,
Which make them fly to far green,
I too desire to break the boon,
To touch the serene Moon,
To dance with the meadow green,
To flutter with the ocean blue.
Very fearfully my curves move towards the shinning glee,
The cool breeze comforted my limbs,
Its melody wiped my grieving drips,
I ease out my buried dreams,
Felt as if I am again flowing as stream,
The lullaby of meadows curled me to its embrace,
I could inhale the warmth breath,and
The assurance of rising high to the blue sky,
My flying locks now whisper a flowering tale,
Rose thorns though hurting ,but among it dances the rose bud beautifully.

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