Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 10, 2016

Our Last Quarrel~by rldubour



Our Last Quarrel

My love and I we had a fight on the day before our wedding night.
She said she didn’t love me, don’t’ want no part of me.
I stood there shocked and wondered, could this really be?
I turned and walked away for tears had come to my eyes.
Couldn’t talk or think, just felt the pain that come from deep inside.
My heart was numb, my hands like ice.
As I walked off the curb into the on coming lights.
All I remember were the sirens that night.
And how my baby cried her arms holding me tight.
Kiss me once more and I’ll be happy, hold me like you want to stay.
For my darling I will always love you more than words can say.
I still remember upon that night.
We walked hand and hand they held so tight.
I remember when I kissed your lips the thrill that ran up my spine.
The thrill to think that you did love me, and to think that you were mine.
For now its time to say good-bye, be brave my love try not to cry.
You knew I’d love you until I die, be brave my love try not to cry, try not to cry.

R.L. DuBour


  1. Good poem Ron, but very sad!

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