Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 12, 2016

Let Adieu be Done~by Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa



Let Adieu be Done

Let the moon shine upon your grace
Let the wind caress your gentle face
Let the night your body embrace
Let your wings measure sky’s space
Let world your name on book trace

Let not soul be filled with distress
Let love and care to you address
Let not hands be tied by duress
Let not your courage in quest be less
Let smile adorn your traveller’s dress

Let our roads lead us to the rainbow
Let not our reunion be done slow
Let not regrets and doubts field plow
Let not the distance forget our vow
Let us not be stiff with our bow

Let farewells be given their due
Let hand gestures wave their cue
Let the tears that fall down be few
Let not the sun dry up morning dew
Let it all be done as we whisper adieu

Let your flute blow a fair swan’s song
Let the sky be reached by arms long
Let not the colors be dark or strong
Let not the painful separation prolong
Let not our goodbyes come out wrong

Thank you Nandini Mitra for the inspirations of Careless Whispers

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