Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 15, 2016

Daily missive for Monday the 15th of August.~ Coffee shop diversion.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Monday the 15th of Augist.
Coffee shop diversion.

I run my finger
Over your forehead
So fine a trace,
A sweet shiver
Passes through me.
The curve of an eyebrow
Stirs my desire,
The proud bone so delicately drawn.
The eye lid freckled with
An exquisite mole,
At the corners, laughter lines
You called crow’s disease
And covered with make up
That was scarcely necessary
But the ritual
Was something to witness,
A fascination mirrored
In its removal
At the end of the day.
When passions were high
The delay
In deep cleansing
May have lasted a day or two,
Depending on our
What days they were.
To see you now, before me
Is an inspiration
To a broken man.
I may be invisible,
As conversations
Pass right through me
Does it help to know
Sound is more easily
Conducted through water
And my heart melted
Long ago.
The older man,
An endangered species,
A dinosaur from a different age
Close to extinction
Post-industrial irony
A fading distinction.
Nobody would believe
What colours meld
Beneath the grey.
But if they
Looked into my eyes
They would see
The reflection
Of my screen saver,
Your face
Fills the space
And in that moment
We are alone,
The two of us,
And indivisible, together.

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