Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 15, 2016

Glitter-Bright~by Norman Wilson




Someone was standing on my head
With weights so heavy, I could not shed
To wake then rise with open eyes
To revel in origins of a perfect sunrise

The light gaped in glitter-bright
On the tabletop in break of night
Where a cream circled in ringlet white
To the coffee brewing in morning light

I sat alone wondering for a while
Pondering the genesis of my trials
To usher the divide lines of my day
As I stir my coffee in a mischief way

I see mix-happenings in visual delight
From a concerting world ovulating at night
Where I detect nature has left me behind
For the children I have not fathered in kind

She awaits somewhere in the stratosphere
With marbled reddish lips calling me dear
Falling free of walls choosing me to be
The one to go halves on a morning coffee

Then the glitter-bright would pale before her
As the satisfaction of our two hearts merge
Where cross-eyes gaze in glow of glazed ecstasy
In glee of night capturing passion so tenderly

All rights reserved 08/10/16
Norman Francis

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