Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 15, 2016

My Portrait Of You~by Hela Tekali



My Portrait Of You

I see my dream in your eyes
I bear the darkness of the night
As a nude soul I fly to you
The elixir of life enfolds my heart
I paint with my pen the portrait of you
I need no brush nor a tool to shape your face
For my senses of you draw well your embrace
My love exceeds the mere details of your traits
It is not Art itself but Nature in all its beauty
For my painting of you overlooks my emotions
I am dancing with the shadow of my dream
My eyes are drunken with the bliss of your light
I feel myself kissing the lips of your painted face
My hands sensually caress the perfumed skin
Of your tanned chest
I know that every fiber of your veins is drenched with an endless desire
Let me paint in my dream a portrait of your body as it shivers under the ethereal heat of my paintbrush.

Jenayah Hela Tekali
@Spiritual Poetry
All rights reserved

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