Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 16, 2016

ME NEAR POND . .~by Lopamudra Mishra




The whirlwind in my pond,
Trembling me,,
I see my hazy reflections in the stirring water,
Telling me to drown in river,
Weaving scalar of thoughts in imagination,
My curve of lips dance with romantic rotation,
Powdered cheeks unable to hide the burning sensation,
Eyes secretly winks to mirror to peep my changed reflections,
The whirlwind drenched me,
I fumble with cascade of loving dew,
It changed me to different hue,n
its fragrance burning me ,
My dreams geared with rainy showers,
Passionate lotus leaf floating in stirring water,
With its powerful tidal waves,
I am loosing my balance in its rage,
The flowering lotus activates my deadly cells,
Its current changed my colour of skin,
I started glowing with its colourful beam,
Dancing carelessly with the whirlwind’s sound,
The pond of passion changing its shades with throbbing heart beat.

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