Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 20, 2016

Farewell to Arms~by Norman Wilson



Farewell to Arms

Can I make it through heaven’s gate
One more time one more date
Now to keep and not to break
For them another soul to take

On a cloud, I shall rest a while
Before I go the final mile
On a path with no way back
In a blinding light parched in black

I fell in war off native shore
One son of many gone on before
Do not cry or shed a tear
Just hold my sacrifice, in revere

I now will go where the buffalo roam
In the fresh scent of heavenly loam
Where my compatriots await for me
Lost on foreign shores across the sea

Lift thy glass for what I could have been
And not the horrors that I had seen
So then fare-thee-well my dear friends
For we shall gather once more, at journeys end

All rights reserved 08/14/16
Norman Francis

I dedicate this poem to my Alaskan friend.
Who is part of our poetry family

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