Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 20, 2016

OUR FRIENDSHIP~by Lopamudra Mishra




We met after a long gap,
Forgot each other ‘s existence,
In these couple of years never attempted to contact,
Time’s stuff eliminated you from my dictionary,
I was engrossed in my hectic race,
Covering me with artistic veil,
Surrounded by pseudo coir ropes,
Forgot me ,that my globe too bears a greener look,,
Unexpected sprinkles changed the life’s stock,
,My journey jerked near the hump,
Suddenly you came to forefront,
Fading years changed a lot in you ,so to me,
We started chatting like naughty bees,
Pulled each other nose ,sharing many thought,
Blocked store house releasing in one bull shot,
We wanted to return back to meadow green,
.Pumping fresh blood to our vessels to brighten the scene,
We saw a child in us ,wants to hop, jump ,n play,
Licking ice creams n playing violin,
Our bond started blooming ,
This time we were more comfortable ,n caring,
With lots of trust and faith, than before,
Defining the role of friendship in a new paper back edition,
In messages of fb n whatsapp…

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