Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 22, 2016

The view.~by Mandour Saleh Hikel



The view.

She is sitting to her half open window
With a full broken heart
Locked in a view
Graded degrees of blue
The color and the blues
That view
That has unknown end
And everlasting start
Watching a world of hers
When falling apart.
That view
That hides her districted thoughts
Her bare feelings
While she keeps searching inside
For what the view
Is hardly trying to hide.
She is sitting with her lonely self
Thinking of what so called LIFE
Watching its random curve
Of ups and downs
And how she always strives
To tame her memories
And heals her wounded pride
Memories that are buried in the view
Where no witnesses but that lonely oak tree
That for always keeps her secret
The secret that she dares not to reveal
The secret of the sweetest lost romance
The secret of her…

Work of art by
The great American artist
Janet Lavida

Written by
By: cambridge_train
Mandour Sakleh Hikel
(Inspired by Janet Lavida’s Art work )

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