Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 23, 2016

Tender Love Drenched In Rain~by Aarti Mittal



Tender Love Drenched In Rain

Down the lane
The two tender innocent love birds
Playing in the rain
I saw a you
I saw a me
Giggling , laughing
Playing in rain
Innocent ages drenched in love
And love drenched in rain

The eighteenth you
And the fifteenth me
Splashing waters
Like piercing needles
In chilled zyphers
Standing under the huge banyan tree
As it pours more and more
We enjoy together
Hands in hands
Drenched in rain
I see you and smile
You give me a gaze
The drops of water
From my curls to my lips
My lips to my chin
Glide and slide over my breast
I see your eyes travel with each drop
And with a slide take a rest
The lightening and thunder
Were as if your friends
I clung to you in fear
With my closed eyes in tears
With my breath heated
Holding you tight
My lips on your chest with full might
You let my long wet traces
On my backless back
And your finger tips touching my unclothed back
You held me tight by my delicate waist
Lifting my chin up to taste
My tender trembling lips
You locked with yours
Me submitting you my all in all
My first love my first kiss
Became ours
We drenched in love
And our love drenched in rain…
Copyright @Rita
Aarti Mittal

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