Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 25, 2016

SINKING BOAT~by Lopamudra Mishra




Little did I know,
My sailing boat bore a hole,
The journey has become troublesome,
Water coming inside from the hole,
Pulling my boat down n down,
To deep into the river,
Aha!I am helpless,
Asking for help waving my weak boughs,
Stem not erect ,giving me pain,
Stranded in the midriff of gushing water,
I wonder why to me?
Searching my faults from the crystal images,
Floating in the waves of river blue,
The stench of wet ropes is making me dry,
Stomach churns ,eyes dizzy, sun rays burning my face,
I started counting my present to past,
Weaving the garland of dry flower cast,
Every picture is different from the other,
Yet I was powerful to bear the traumatic change,
Courageously I faced the hurdles,
Today this hole is the trouble?
Nope ,I will wipe my fear,
Let not be in tears,
I have to cross this sinking state,
With courage and faith,
In me, that drowning image can’t pull me to the deep river,
I will fight till end

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