Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 27, 2016

a flower of love ~by Sandra Regina Viana




a flower of love

Happiness is an asset which retains offering …
is wealth that multiplies sharing …
fluid is good that attracts, sending …
Type was a flower of love … that springs to be present,
exists to be caring …
It is a little on each.
And have a little of each in itself.
Being that pretty sum, my, with your little world.
That means imitating God …
By giving all the power to love.
Trusting that everything will be OK in the end.
Trusting that happiness is so.
So Be Happy ..
Do not be sad!
Life is too beautiful …
Look at the moon, the stars
Are there to shine because you exist …
The sun?
Come every morning to kiss you skin
And you do not even notice it,
The flowers …? Ah! The flowers are magical,
Born to make your look shine
Every time I look at them.
Ah! Still missing someone? Missing you …
Look at you! … That masterpiece of God,
Chosen by Him to live and be happy.

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