Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 30, 2016

Faded Smile . .~by Lopamudra Mishra



Faded Smile . .

My image in the wall is webbed,
I saw it, wanted to clean the photo frame,
While dusting I found the stubborn dirt,
Sticking it like a gel,
My efforts needed more energy to wipe ,
From the cleaned sketch
I visualise my fading smile,
Lost in the counting days,
From the grave of dust I saw my sorry state,
Polishing and winnowing to look straight,’
The arrow pierce my bosom,
I bleed with jolts of emotions,
My final results are not impressive,
Years of hard work melting to tears,
Beyond the camera my smile lost its blue,
Me, novice ,that my experience proves,
Each test I try my best,
Consoling me that now I achieved my craze,
The glasses slipped from my hands,
From the scattered pieces I draw my image,,
Faded and fragile ,blank eyes looking towards the fainted sky,
The redness of setting Sun blinks with hope,
After the shower ,the Sun will surely come,
It may take time ,
Sky will clear its cloud to shine,
Now I smile, looking at the picture frame,
Hazards may come but I will not bend me,
Rather will face them with courage,
This is how I will regain my faded smile.

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