Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 30, 2016

Step By Step~by rldubour



Step By Step

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Life is like a ladder step-by-step you go.
For no matter how you step, was is right? Or don’t you know.
Life can be misleading, for those who don’t understand.
They think that she is so innocent as they strive upon their fellow man.
They want this and that handed down and give nothing in return.
But as they realize what life is, for some it is to late to learn.
Yes, life can be a living hell for those who don’t understand.
And if you don’t then listen close and open up you heart and hands.
I longed to tell this story I thought you all should know.
About our life around us, no matter where we should go.
First of all, we’ll start at birth,
Of how you live this life on earth.
To be what you are meant to be and nothing more than this.
To walk the road of life with pride to fill your heart with bliss.
And if you should fall, don’t give up yet.
Just rise and say, “I am going to make it!” And take another step.

R.L. DuBour


  1. But we want everything instantly.

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