Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 31, 2016

They Are Victims too~by Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa



They Are Victims too

He was child once sweet and gentle
Needing a chemical fix does tremble
Tempted by friends to world of ecstasy
Living in his own world of high fantasy
How he did wish life to rehabilitate
Exotic variant overdose has made it late

He was a child burdened with responsibility
Harshly judged by numb society
Yes, not in a track he is a runner
But if he stops he is certain goner
Controlled by unknown cruel boss
To resign means his family’s lives loss

He was child so young and innocent
Fate had him under monster’s scent
Not understanding yet knew shame
In what his father called a fun game
Mother who loves more an addict father
No protection, without proof to gather

He was a child who dreamed to change the world
Destroy the drug crimes with Justice’s sword
He proudly worn the blue suit of law
His dedication won him community’s awe
In his last shift blood flooded the ground
Not even a whisper of regret’s sound

How strange is the justice system
Is he not considered the true victim
Human rights to twist by lawyers in the know
Are they not also humans protected by law?

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