Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 31, 2016

What greater love is this?~by Sandra Regina Viana



What greater love is this?

To love God,
all our love intensifies!

We love ourselves and
similar to
the different
the next
to far.

Loving all creation
in all its magnitude
beauty and balance.

And what is love?
God is love!
And all this love brings:

unrestricted respect
uncompromising sharing
hope, faith, charity
and everything else good comes.

Love thy father while still on the journey with you …
leaves no regret for the energy that should
irrigate the sweet years of cohabitation.
Honor the examples I gave you.
Bless the name of your father.
Extends a carpet of generosity and invite him to go for it …
listen to him … and reflects.
One day you’re gonna wish you had paid attention.
And it’s too late … the bird was silent.
And you do not remember the melody ..

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