Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 2, 2016

Daily missive for Friday the 2nd of September.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Friday the 2nd of September.

What a strange beast
That threatens to tear out
The insides
One moment
And lifts me on high
Floating on the wings
Of a beautiful dream
The next.
How can changes
Be so dramatic
When so little happens.
The movement
Of air
The tilt of a head
The vacuum of sleep.
The smell
Of toast in the morning,
An old or a new song
A memory of you
In a crimson sarong.
Waking to a new day
Sun streaming through
A gap in the curtains.
It is a difficult time
For decisions
Whether to stay in
Or go out.
Turning the key
In a lock,
Coming home to a darkened house
Silent as the grave.
Cooking for one,
Everything packaged for two
Eating alone,
At home.
In a restaurant
The sympathetic smile
The reluctant removal
Of the second placing
As if loneliness is catching
Affecting custom.
The sigh of relief
When you ask for the bill.
They barely wait
Until you leave
Before replacing
A glass and a plate.
Couples are better for business.
What will you
Be doing for Christmas?
Lie in a dark room
Whistle a happy tune
Remember the past.
How long will it last
Before nostalgia
Can be fun.
Like a drunken party game.
Charades and alcohol
Such a heady mix
When an innocent mime
Of a nursery rhyme
Can bring the house down.
Will I see that again?
Please don’t let it be so
That whenever
The chance comes to
Step back into life
I will not want to go.
Just close my eyes instead
And say no.

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