Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 3, 2016

Cloud!!~by Lopamudra Mishra




Oh! Cloud ,don’t wet me with your drizzle,
It makes me cripple,
Waiting hurts me,
Even though for you it is simple,
Your drops crop a lot of hope ,
I go crazy with your slot,
Blinking eyes on my river top,
My shivering spine waits for your knock,
Cheeks pink…rosy lips keeps my mouth shut,
Eager eyes rover from top to bottom,
To feel your shower in my dock,
My emotions stir with your jolt,
Phantom of desire bud to fly,
In the deep blue sky,
Without obstructions on the ply,
Your absence makes me feel dry,
I need your fragrance… my heart cries,
Though the dripping water is intoxicating,
Soothing and loving,
Makes me feel drowning,
I don’t want it now because –
“Hey ! cloud you are disturbing.
I don’t want to play with your drizzle.”

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