Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 6, 2016

The girl who writes sad poetry~by Aly O’Neill



The girl who writes sad poetry

just lately i have been
the girl who writes sad poetry
a little life weary, a little to familiar with heartbreak
my word to the dark, seem to want to stray
I am not tall enough to pull of brooding
so sad ink from me just seems confusing
for i am little poet, I am the light relief
resident court jester, mistress of 10 word challenges
little impish a little mischief
So just lately why am i the girl who writes sad poetry
it does not sit well on me
i like to use my words wherever possible to cheer
to shed light on issues, reduce fear
i try to use my art to steer
a way to reduce the dark shadows in my mind here
i am dragon taming through word art
but words do not always ease the paih in my heart
just know i am working on leaving behind the gloom
And soon i will no longer be
the girl who insists on writing sad poetry

written by
Aly O’Neill
september 2016

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