Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 7, 2016

The Paper Boat~by Swapna Behera



The Paper Boat
Swapna Behera

The paper boat

In the puddle of
the monsoon drain
Tons of dreams
And gumptions of joy

The Paper Boat

Inexplicable aspirations
Of universal hearts
Two lil bright eyes
Of the holy angel
Blowing energy all the way
“Move my boat move ”

The paper boat

Turns left and right
in wide and narrow
Can a paper boat ever die ??
Can the dreams be ever crushed ??

The Paper boat

heavier than the ship
Ships carry commodities
Slaves of business

Paper boats

carry dreams , love and skill
none can crush or
Make them perish
Two cosmic eyes
pouring all energy

Paper Boats

sail from one to all
carrying messages of love
from past to present ;
today to tomorrow
from cocoon to butterfly ;
dews to ocean
from Galaxy to Glacier
Alpha to Omega
love to Greater Love
For ever and ever – – – – –

Copy right @ Swaona Behera 7.9.2016

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