Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 10, 2016

Open the Door~by Norman Wilson



Open the Door

Did you see her walking away over there
The girl in the brown coat with long brown hair
She left her gloves sitting by my front door
Just as if she had been here once before

I met her by my door just the other night
I invited her in just to be polite
Then she said no thank you and walked away
Until I had seen her again just today

One day I thought she was in my kitchen standing near
Then as quick, as I looked she disappeared
I thought I must have been seeing things
Until I looked at the counter and found a wedding ring

It had been about six months since everything occurred
When then I heard her speak, soft words
Saying she had lived here once before
Until her husband shot her walking out the door

Now quickly I knew what everything meant
Her soul was lost and needed to be heaven sent
So I rushed to open the front door
Now she is heaven sent forevermore

All rights reserved 08.31.16
Norman Francis

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