Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 10, 2016

The Door~by rldubour



The Door
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The door is closed and blinding us, what’s on the other side?
Will we see the mystery? If we should open wide?
The un-known can be scary, should we just walk inside?
Maybe if you hold my hand we might just realize.
Of what lies beyond the hidden path right behind the door.
Will we find the missing piece and still search the path for more?
I ask myself this question what is behind the door?
Is there something else in life that I have been looking for?
Don’t be afraid I tell myself just go and walk right in.
You never know just what’s in store; you might meet your best friend.
The thought is there, a friend for life? That would be really sweet.
Will the other side allow me this? A friend like that to meet?
Just muster up the courage and walk beyond the door.
You never know just what you’ll find maybe love and that much more.

R.L. DuBour

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