Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 10, 2016

The Face of Death~by Akshaya Kumar Das



The Face of Death

Cry the beloved soul cry,
Leave the body to die,
The false cast is on fry,
The three elements,
Fire, water & Air,
Consumed in life,
Consume in death,
The life less body does not need air,
The life less body does not need water,
But fire,
Fire will engulf the body to ash,
From nowhere it came,
No one knows where it goes,
In different religious faith,
They practice as per their books,
Some lay the body to rest,
In a beautiful coffin,
Some hang it on a tomb,
The poor dump it under the earth,
Some sail the body in river,
All go to one,
The Mother Earth,
The Mother Earth who sustained you,
Takes you back,
Practices vary but the goal is one,
Whether you read it under the Pyramid,
Death overtakes all practices ,
All prejudices before the unique truth,
The space is the milestone,
In between,
All attain death one day,
Attain death one day,
Rich to poor,
Hindu, Muslim, Christian or the zoroastronian,
Death has an unique rule,
Before death all are one,
No caste, creed, colour or race,
Before death ,
Death is an unique truth,
Unique journey into oblivion,
(c) Akshaya Kumar Das 9/9/2016

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