Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 11, 2016

again and again?’~by Saroj K Padhi



again and again?’

‘Why do you come back to me again and again?’
asked Poetry one evening, finding me alone
and went on still further enquiring about
my fragile neck, desiccated joints, dissipating
energy and multiple ailments in my bone;
I had little answer to these questions
for she knew that with each failure in love
I was jolted back to a life of grieving
and clung to her for an easy breathing .

As the world grows strange with each
new incident of hate, betrayal, help,
compassion or gruesome killing,
my Poetry is there with touches of healing,
appeasing hearts with hate seething
or with insane anger burning.

She is always there
while I with times am changing
returning to her again and again
when perhaps properly not breathing!


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