Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 11, 2016

Death is a Soldier~by Norman Wilson



Death is a Soldier

I love my life
There forth I do not want to die
But death is a soldier
That keeps on marching by

I look to my tomorrows
That may never come
As I listen in the distance
To the beating of the drums

I shall cherish the sunrise
That glows orange at its seams
And the sunsets borrowed
In my nightly dreams

Then hope to re-awake
In fields of golden wheat
Under a friendly glowing sun
In a summerset heat

To rise to touch
Then be born anew each day
To be free to feel love
Before the drums begin to play

Even though death be a soldier
Please march another way
Distant of my life
For this old soul wishes to stay

All rights reserved 08.31.16
Norman Francis

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