Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 11, 2016

Love of man ~by Ziauddin Bulbul



Love of man

Love of man isn’t much famous one
I’ll bring and award you progressive love
taking from daily labourer, my sweetheart
He has to give account of his each work
accurately depositing his flesh and blood.

Does he get her yet? Only he deserves
The cruel factory and indifferent technology
Except sacrifice no other right he possessed ever
Repeatedly his own creation deceives him.
I know I too won’t get you will be banked somewhere else
Will travel many town and city and will be displayed in several stores
And face bargaining with buyer and seller.

This fallen labourer-ship, age of buying and selling
of commodities have reversed the artistry in all respect.
Yet in his bone and blood the poet kept and preserved
The love of art and love for art in his conscience and heart.

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