Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 12, 2016

Kindling Hearts~by Norman Wilson



Kindling Hearts

The kindle crackles to the flame
In festival of the blaze
Engineering the flight of twinkling sparks
Then evolving into cindering haze

I see a heart that crackles in pain
Not as simple as the crackling of flames
For this is a different crackle that cracks
Before the cindering haze turns to soot black

There is a darkness covering her words
Kindling a crackle in her voice
Driving the burning inside her heart
Leaving her with one last choice

It is time to rise once more
It is time to soar where she soared before
Above the flames that turned to ash
To forget and leave behind her past

She shall twinkle and spark once again
Like the kindling wood that turns to flames
Then find a love that holds true to heart
Where nothing is the same when new love starts

All rights reserved 09.01.16
Norman Francis


  1. Wonderful.

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