Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 12, 2016

Knowing America through Poetry ~ SOUTH CAROLINA ~ by rldubour

Monday!! (in alpha order) time to move on to our next great state!


Knowing America through Poetry


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Known as the South Carolinians
And as legend tells this fable.
At a place called Table Rock State Park.
A Gigantic Chieftain sat at this table.

This state was settled by the Spanish
In fifteen-hundred and sixty-six.
Originally named “Carolina”
Much later “South” ~~ was added to the mix.

Jessamine is the official flower,
The state bird is the Carolina Wren.
The state stone is the Blue Granite
King Haiglar is “The Patron Saint of Camden.”

The state’s animal is the White Tail Deer
And the official fruit is the Peach.
The Motto is “Prepared in mind and
Resources” this is what they teach.

Thousands of Blue Martins return to
Bomb Island on Lake Murray
They return to roost each summer
Now declared a sanctuary.

In Columbia at the Riverbanks Zoological
Park the animals are not kept in cages.
There are more than two-thousand all in their
Natural habitat as they have lived for ages.

Originally known as the Iodine state
But has been changed to the Palmetto.
On Sullivan Island in Charleston Harbor
The British learned of palmetto when they ran into.

A fort was built using the Palmetto logs

The people would laugh and scoff.

When the British ships fired cannon balls

The spongy wood just bounced them off!

Somerville’s beauty is mirrored in her motto,
“The flower town in the pines.
And Orangeburg is home to the Edisto Gardens.
With award winning roses from different times.

Once again with famous names
Clark, Gillespie, Mills and Gibson.
Marion, Frazier, White and Byrnes
Chubby Checker and Andrew Jackson.
Statehood, May 23, 1788 03rd state
Capital is Columbia

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