Posted by: Ron DuBour | September 15, 2016

IMAGE CONSUMPTION~by Indira Sadanandan




The images of sunrise,sunset
Rainbows,water falls
Waves rising and falling on the
Ocean waters,
The images of birds flapping wings
On the evening sky,
The galloping of horse,all related
To nature,were the premitive images
The mankind witnessed in their life,
I am in the latest generation
Yearns to escape from the
Pool of visual symbols,I am set
Inside a life living on earth,where
I am swimming in
Drinking it in bewilderment, by
By drowning,rising and floating in.
I am being immersed in the flood
Of visuals around me ,on
Television,mobile phones,I pads,
Film screens,cctvs,cameras and
Everywhere I breath in
For keeping up my life
Bestowed upon me.
There is no other go but to part take
With it even while I am
Sleping and dreaming.

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